Live Bees

$ 210.00

Live Honeybees (4lb Package)

$ 210.00
We are offering Italian bee packages that will come from Northern California and are scheduled to arrive approximately mid to late April 2024. Each package will contain ~4lbs of worker bees and a mated unmarked Italian queen. Live honeybee packages must be picked up in person in Sultan, WA on or within two days of the confirmed pickup date to be announced soon. Due to weather and other unforeseen factors outside of our control, the exact pickup day is still to be determined, we will provide adequate notice in advance to our customers in order to prepare for your pickup.

Honeybee packages must be prepaid in advance in order to secure your requested number of packages. Refunds or order cancelations are not available after February 29th 2024.

This is the first year we are offering honeybee packages for sale, but this is not our first bee run. Over the last 6 years we have made several successful trips to bring honeybees up to Western Washington working with several bee wholesalers in Oregon and California. Our previous honeybee pickup experience gives us the ability to safely transport your bees and ensures they arrive healthy and in the best condition possible.

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